Ok, so Vivienne’s final inner circle mission (SPOILERS)

This bullshit…no, really that was some bullshit. I flailed at bossuary about this already but goddamn I’m still salty about this.


So Vivienne’s not romanceable, and we find out she’s the mistress to a Duke Bastiene early on. Ok so her heart is elsewhere, I get that. What pissed me off was that she is with this mayo daddy?


She has you get the heart of a Snowy Wyvern for a potion that it turns out she is hoping will save him. It doesn’t matter because he dies no matter who quickly you accomplish the quest.

I’m just like…really, she actually is with this dude? She talks of him in a way that makes me cringe, because it seems it was all about power rather than actual affection for him. The only sense I get that it wasn’t an arrangement of convenience is when his family comes to Skyhold for the service.

It bugs me, almost more than the idea she’s portrayed as an untouchable ice queen.