About your meta critiquer


I’m just another fan of Bioware games, mostly Dragon Age and Mass Effect. I wanted a space to critically examine these games, the themes, the characters, the world and all that entails. This will be a lot of pondering on things from my own POV as a US born, black queer woman who’s put a lot of time and probably too much thought into these fictional folks. I decided on this space rather than my tumblr because there’s not a good way to have a discussion there about these topics.

There will also be linking to others meta ponderings, etc. A lot of other really awesome people have done meta on these games, and their work deserves note and reading. Also, this is all subjective. There is no real objective way to critique anything because your own experiences inform your view and how you take the game(s) content.

Please note that if I ever link to your works, tumblr, etc and would like me to unlink, I’m happy to do so. Please drop a line in comments or to biowaremetacrit@gmail.com.

Thank you for dropping by!


@cypheroftyr (Twitter) / cypheroftyr (Tumblr)

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