#Spawn4Good || #BlackLives Matter Charity Game Streaming schedule


#BlackLivesMatter Streaming Schedule for this weekend!

My twitch channel: twitch.tv/cypheroftyr

Important Note: Twitch by default is to only let someone with a twitch account participate in the chat box. So if you want to jump into chat, then you will need an account. Easy to make one, even if you never stream yourself. Unfortunately that’s a default and not something I can change.

Ok, so realistically, I will not finish this Inquisition run in one weekend even with non-stop streaming. So I will hit on major plot points and le-gasp! I will be on voice chat with those who drop by the stream.

There will be links and info in the chat box during the event, and even if you can’t join in all day, I welcome the company and a chance to talk with folks as I run this instance of #DAI

So based on the outcome and to make it easier rather than trying to run a hasty, half-assed tie breaker I’ll be playing an Elven Mage, specializing in Rift Magic. I’ll use the default name. Only thing I’m doing w/o input is playing a female and making her brown as I can in this game.

Major plot points will be decided as I play by those in the stream. I.E mages or templars, etc etc

Here’s the schedule as it stands*: (with one modification to the start time)

Saturday 1/17/2015

  • Begin stream 11am CST/1 pm PST
  • Break for dinner/snacks 5pm CST
  • Resume streaming at 6pm CST until I’m too tired to keep playing ūüėõ CST

Sunday 1/18/2015

  • Resume streaming approx 9:00 am CST
  • Break for lunch 12pm CST
  • Resume for 2-3 hours
  • End stream at latest by 4pm CST

Don’t have all the facts? Wondering why a bunch of brown folks are gaming as a way to raise awareness about why #BlackLivesMatter? Here, have an FAQ

As to why this is happening, and why it’s important, here:

For more info, see the Spawnpoint blog post about this event.

We at the SpawnPointBlog & Spawn On Me Podcast have been inspired by what we’ve seen in the activism spaces with #icantbreathe and #BlackLivesMatter. We’ve discussed these topics on our show and we want to continue to amplify the messages these communities have been sharing. Whenever we can, we want to put a spotlight on injustices and give people a space through gaming to have their voices heard.

On Jan 17-18, 2015, we ask you to join with us and stream on Twitch. This happening will provide a deliberate space for you to have fun with the community, and to reflect on the unequal way people of color, and specifically African-American people, are treated by law enforcement. We will support the families of those that were lost by donating to the Eric Garner Fund, and The New York Lawyers Guild that continues to organize protests and bail funds for those imprisoned for exercising their 1st Amendment rights on this matter.

All funds donated will be deposited to our CrowdRise fundraiser and then equally distributed to the organizations and families listed above. If you have information about or suggestions for additional organizations involved in work regarding police brutality, or scholarship funds that are collecting donations around this issue, please share those notes in the comments or tweet us @spawnpointblog and @spawnonme

We will be streaming from our respective channels on Twitch (SOM) & (SOM2) We’ll also be hosting other streams as well. Please share this event at anyone you think would be interested, affected or has a platform to signal boost. Share this with POC and Non-POC alike!

If you’d like to stream with us here are suggested stream rules that we’d like you to follow and also a of picture you can use to help promote.

Please signal boost, and if you stream, consider participating in this event. If you don’t stream, join in to watch and donate.

Thank you in advance for your support with this event.

* = subject to change, technical issues, streamer needing a break, etc.

Please signal boost, if you plan to participate, tweet at the Spawn Point blog @spawnonme and let them know you’re in!

If you can’t dip into this stream or any of those going on for this event but would like to donate, you can get more information and leave a donation via the links above.